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Our website provides 'Global Payment Solutions' to our customers accross the globe with digitised and innovative systems . Our top notch services enable our customers to send, receive or withdraw money accross the borders within a few easy and simple clicks. Our company ensures Hassle free, Reliable, Speedy and Safest ways to experience an Easiest Payment Experience in just few minutes.
With Our edge cutting technology and tools, fair prices and minimal Exchange rates, we ensure a service at its best.
With the partnership of numerous banks and other payment companies, we provide you a refined and very quality service.

Moreover, our security and safety measures stand out and create a strong and safest platform to use.
Our seamless, transparent and efficient payment options enable our users to become a Happy Member of our global community.
'You and us ' together create a 'Commerce Solution' with a digitised surrounding that further accelerates your financial growth in this advancing society .

About International Global Pay

International Global Pay is a one of a kind, life changing company.
We will show the way to successive.

Our Vision

With the emerging problems with respect to Cross border payment translations, we at ' International global pay' always have a vision and a technology based approach which can simplify all your payment hassles and hitches within few clicks anytime anywhere. While revolutionising the payment methods and systems, our highly impressive team always believe in upliftment of the payment solutions for a better world in the future.

Our Aim

We have clearcut goal to provide top notch Payment services with low interexchange fees, fair pricing, speedy transfer of payment and very secure data encryption to our customers. Thus , we have always aimed to make our customers " financially Successful" .

Our Mission

We always have a clear agenda to provide a 'Reliable, Smoother, Secure and Speedy' Payment solutions worldwide to our precious customers .

About Us

Our platform renders High quality Solutions to ' Cross border Payment Systems' with revolutionised and evolved concepts which can be used by our Customer in just a few clicks anytime,anywhere.